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Our initiative will no longer allow prosecutors to use felony convictions committed before the enactment of the Three Strikes Law in March 7, 1994. In other words the law will be applied prospectively. This applies to second & third strikers retroactively.
This initiative will no longer allow prosecutors to charge Criminal Threats as serious felonies. Criminal Threats is the only felony in penal code 1192.7 (serious felony list) that’s a “Wobbler.” Meaning it can be tried as both a misdemeanor or serious felony. We don’t look to decriminalize criminal threats, but make them a regular felony.
This initiative will also reallocate the saved monies in four ways:
25% will go to high poverty Middle schools & High schools.
25% will offset community college tuition.
25% will offset California universities tuition.
25% will be reinvested in prison rehabilitation programs.

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CHOOSE1 is a Grassroots organization that was formed to represent the families of incarcerated men and women who have been sentenced unfairly. On October 23, 2015, CHOOSE1 submitted an amended initiative to the attorney general Kamala Harris entitled THE THREE STRIKES REFORM ACT OF 2016 (#15-0084).


Our mission is to change existing laws that result in unjust sentencing by utilizing the initiative process.


Our vision is to abolish mandatory sentencing over the next four years. We will create strong communities by reallocating funds used to maintain incarcerated men & women to impoverished schools throughout California.

“CHOOSE1 is undoubtedly the solution that will right the injustices done to so many incarcerated Californians under California’s Three Strikes Law. CHOOSE1 restores the initiative California Three Strikes Law back to the original intent of the voters who voted for the law in 1994, with a more sensible version that saves money and continues to maintain public safety.”

-John Yahya Johnson E-89817

“CHOOSE1 took further steps to change the Three Strikes Law once again to help those that were left behind. As of this day people have not shown the much needed support to make this change a reality. It’s a shame all those who speak of ending mass incarceration have not come forward to help CHOOSE1. Now is not the time to sit idle.”

-Gene Atkins

“The 8th Amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment, however The Three Strikes Law is in direct violation of the spirit of the constitution despite what the United States Supreme Court ruled and our stories are evidence of this. They can’t explain that away because it contradicts the life breathing document rhetoric they try to shove down our throats. Like when Rodney King was being beat to death and the lawyers told the jury what your looking at isn’t what you actually see. We insult their intelligence when we demonstrate that we comprehend the constitution and understand that they are frauds for telling us what we are reading doesn’t really mean what it says.”

-Unidentified Three Striker

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Make a donation, while this initiative will change lives, it is not free. It costs us $3 per signature,as well as basic operation costs such as mailing information to inmates and their families. In addition we will need money to fight any opposition.

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Volunteer to help collect signatures to get our measures on the ballot!
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