About US

CHOOSE1  formed to represent those who have not been served in the sentence reform process.

Our goal is to re-unite families by utilizing the initiative process.  We believe the people of California are ready to right the injustices created by Prop 184 in 1994 resulting in mass-incarceration that disproportionately affected the financially disadvantaged folks. While we do not claim to have all the answers,

we are one of many groups attempting to dismantle the current “in-justice” system. CHOOSE1 includes concerned citizens who may or may not have an association with anyone incarcerated but who feel strongly about how we treat our own citizens currently behind bars. We believe in justice, in treating people who gets out of prison after serving a 3X sentence with dignity and respect as they have endured indisputably longer sentences than persons convicted of murder. We believe that more money should be appropriated to education as opposed to housing a prisoner for 25 years-to-life. The current cost to house an inmate is $65,000 annually.


The math clearly speaks for itself: it costs taxpayers in excess of 1.625 Million Dollars to house an inmate for 25 years. We believe that same money would be better spent on educating roughly 700 students depending on class size and the result would be fewer incarcerations due to lack of opportunity. The onion of the criminal justice system has many layers. CHOOSE1 will currently focus on one layer at a time until we reach our goal of a repeal of Prop 184.



Choose1 is not a legal service and we are unable to offer legal advice. We will send a copy of the initiative to anyone who requests it via the appropriate means, or you can download it here. If you would like to participate in the signature gathering campaign please sign up.